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Creo Capital is a Johannesburg based integrated marketing communications agency that specialises in creative media and marketing communication solutions for clients across a variety of industry sectors.

We offer a range of media-related products and services including full print and digital publication production of industry magazines, business profiles, reports, presentations and marketing materials. Our marketing solutions are focused on marketing strategy and tool development, including but not limited to Marketing Campaign & Materials Development, Public Relations Management, Brand & Website Development, and Content Management.

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Marketing Communications Consulting

Our Marketing Communications expertise is at the heart of all our capabilities and has earned us a reputation as a marketing partner with a broad business approach to every project and campaign. Over and above our qualifications are years of collective experience in the management of marketing and communications for short-term projects and long-term programmes in businesses across various sectors.


We provide the following services in Marketing and Communications:


Project Management

Strategy Development







Public Relations

PR is a lot like the stock market. The confidence that stakeholders, like share owners, have in your organisation is as dependent on the observed external performance of your organisation as it is on the behaviour of your closest internal stakeholders and structures. Watertight PR begins within the organisation.


Our approach to PR is focused on sustainability and integration: it addresses both the short and long-term marketing objectives of your organisation, and integrates the various channels and points of contact between your organisation and your audiences into a global strategy that delivers measurable results.                                                                                                                                  

The key competency areas that contribute to our brand of PR are:                                                                       

Market Research

Marketing & Communication Strategy

Stakeholder Relations Management

Media Relations Management

Community Relations Management

Copy and Speech writing


Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting






Website Design & Maintenance

An elegantly crafted website presents your work to unlimited audiences, simultaneously with flair and clarity. Add to that responsive design and an intuitive and interactive experience, and you have the type of website we aim to produce for our clients. We specialise in clean, high quality, professional websites that stand out gracefully from others and deliver modern functionality.

Here are a few samples of our work:

SA Green Fund
GG Holdings
GG Energy
Integrate Marketing





Business Profiles & Publications

Because some business opportunities only come once, it’s important to present your enterprise with excellence. Very often, your business profile and publications make the first professional impression on your potential clients. This is why your publications should be clear, comprehensive, and elegant.

Our development process covers every base, from interviews and research to copy and graphic development, ultimately delivering a professional company profile that you’ll be proud of for a long time to come.



Logo Design

Your brand identity: a portrait of all your company represents in a few colours, words and strokes. A logo has the power to capture the imagination and invoke a sense of curiosity and meaning – the reason why we apply a combination of creativity and simplicity to produce brand identities that are worth more than just a few colours, words and strokes. We aim to capture the heart and value of your brand.



Journalism & Copywriting

When used skillfully, words can portray points powerfully. When you work with us, you gain access to our years of experience in journalism and copywriting and can be assured that your story will be told beautifully through clear, imaginative and precise copy.




What’s the use of being online if you can’t be found?

Enhancing the visibility of your website is possible through a process known as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) that is used to increase website prominence on search engines, and can lead to significant surges in site traffic. It’s easy to check your website’s page rankings at any time using common online tools such as Google’s PageRank.

We offer a bundle of related services aimed at improving the prominence and focus of websites:

Content Management






The value of social media in Marketing and Public Relations is its unique ability to engage audiences in a way that’s easy and non-committal. Social Media provides a universally accessible platform for a series of casual yet focused conversations that have the potential to nurture interest and trust in your brand, products and services.

We see Social Media as a vital aspect of Marketing and PR and take an approach that focuses on developing engaging content, stimulating conversations, and generating traffic toward our clients’ websites.


Our Social Media services are focused on:

Content Generation & Management
Market Analysis
Business Development Sensitivity







In addition to our custom publishing division that has produced several government and private sector focused publications over the years, Creo Capital is proud to present groundbreaking new titles to be launched in 2014.

        The Green Book

The Green Book is South Africa’s dedicated guide to the key trends, technology, insights, best-practice, suppliers and organisations – both within the private and public sector – involved in the realisation of the country’s emerging Green Economy and the promotion of environmentally and socially sustainable development and operation methods.

It is published on a quarterly basis with the primary aim of facilitating South Africa’s envisaged economic transition to a green economy by providing a media channel for enterprises, institutions, and organisations involved in green sectors to access up-to-date coverage of issues, developments, events and prospects of relevance as well as a link to their target markets.

This is in alignment with the vision of the South African Government to develop a green economy that promotes sustainable socio-economic and environmental development, creates green jobs and facilitates the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals.